Cashing in with T.J. Miller

Cash and TJ talk about Santa's secrets, perfect gifts, offensive holiday euphemisms, candy canes, the twelve days of hair, the star of David, Jack Frosty,  Syrian pharaohs,  Rapunzel tugs, and ask the question "Who is Thomas Blueberry?"
This episode should be on the top of your tree.  Put on some ear enlargers and listen to it while eating a healthy portion of Reindeer Venison....

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Cash and TJ talk about concert etiquette, penis whistles, voice overs, sneak ins, hit and run, STD's vs parking spaces, desert Island companions, and ask the question "Have you read the 'Full body Release Report'?"

Don't spend your hard earned time on this comedy tapestry, it would be unselfish not to…..

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Cash and TJ talk about Elf altercations, "Sneak Insomes", bathrobe guilt, paparazzi shame, Chapstick borrowing, ugly art, sword holsters, moonshine comebacks, and ask the question, "Why do people age so quickly at Smoky Joes Spin Cycle Cafe?"

To avoid getting sick, listen to this episode while wearing a Cashphrase Necklace and take heavy doses of Oscillococcinum.....

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Cash and Tj talk about bad storytellers, hot PBS hosts, holiday burnout, walking in Memphis, freeballing in Montana, breakfast putdowns, Whirlybirds vs Choppers, Elks tales, embarrassing moments, and ask the question, "What is a Glastle?"

This episode tastes best with a healthy dose of Mermaid soup....

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Cash and TJ talk about time traveling wizards, valet hustlers, new perfumes, funny rock stars, packing mistakes, Aristophanes beard, Medusa,  and ask the question, "Do the Russians love their children too?"

Before listening, make sure to have some Da-Shi Pie and procrasturbate while listening to ZZ Top......

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Cash and TJ discuss Mars discoveries, Flippers ego, arm pockets, Nascar improvements, baby names, friend haters, chior debacles, shopping strategies, Hiking vs Walking and ask the question, "Why are Panda's so sexually active?"

For best effect, listen to this episode while being chased by a herd of angry button collectors.....

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Cash and TJ talk about the presidential election, adventures in babysitting, foreplay strategies, best first date options, bad impressions, horse berating, factual lying, piggyback rides, rodeo clowns and ask the question, "Where can you see the Terrible Timbers?"

For best results, listen to this episode on stilts while wearing a top hat....

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Cash and TJ talk about bachelor castles, butterfly superhero's, diminishing returns, WTF, Broccoli penis, Halloween costumes, Venus flytraps, pookie hatch's and ask the question,  "When is it OK to pull the Twitler card?"

Focus groups indicate this episode is popular with elderly women that love to gamble, it's a custom fit......

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Cash and TJ discuss The Galactic Wizard, The World Series, great costumes, messages from God, forgetting names, The Regal Beagle, surprise parties, and ask the question, "Why don't TJ's parents ever come to visit?"

This episode has a money back guarantee, just don't try to use it......

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Cash and TJ drop a hot, tasty pod at the LAPodfest.

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