Cashing in with T.J. Miller

Cash and T.J discuss cavemen tantrums, goth day at Disneyland, bicycle stakeouts, lozenge confusion, hoarding baseballs, silent crying, vetoing breakups, and ask the question, "Is it better to go skydiving or eat tacos?"

Whoever conceives a child during this episode will have a free pass to all "Cashing in" after party's....
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Cash, T.J. and a mysterious visitor analyze lawyers with tattoos, egotistical flatbread, pajama etiquette, stoned therapists, air jamming, alcoholic dentists, gang names, Beauty and the Beast and ask the question, "Would Cash do whatever a talking dog wants?'"
This episode was recorded in the state of Denver and will be used a cautionary tale in future "DARE" campaigns.......
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Cash and T.J. analyze horse chicks, Rob Lowe's manta ray adventure, name dropping, Chipotle's tiny lots, sidecar Segways, T.J's costume toggery,  octopus showers, and ask the question, "Was James Dean really Judd Nelson?"

This episode has it's own commemorative bumper sticker. It says, "Jesus does my checking!" 

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T.J. and Cash coin some new phrases and discuss leaf blowers vs religious zealots, free standing reindeer, pear shaped girls, competitive eating, god stalking, dog punching, pterodactyl balls, and why sex isn't more pleasurable than eating.
This episode is an honestode full of "Real Juice", drink it up...
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Cash and T.J. discuss hitting on girls in motion, cheesy Disc Jockies, Texas wing men, Korean fire drills, monocle revivals, shooting sprees, French type people, and ask the question, "Should 'Poemos' be allowed to marry?"

This controversial episode has been banned in France, but is #1 in the UK and/or Syria....

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