Cashing in with T.J. Miller

Cash and T.J. discuss five minute sex, uber sausages, splendid footgolf, native american strippers, 50 dollar tips, bridesmaid cats, homeless snails, Abe Lincoln vs Barack Obama and ask the question, "Why won't Cash accept the existence of athletes foot?"

Listen to this episode while playing Footgolf at midnight and let the self actualization begin...

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Cash and TJ analyze the Pemberton Buttlesticks campaign, cherub faced cops, canopy cocks, public urination, pretend sleepwalkers, motivational lying, french flatulence, fish hate, Wrigley Field, and ask the question,  "Should politicians have a Triple Banger Lightening Round?"

Transcripts of this episode are not available for fear it would spark revolution.....

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The guys talk about shirt cannons, safe zones, pre-apologies, space masturbation, palatine uvula's, chicken dances, cheat sheets, The Socratic Approach, and asks the question, "When do you play the Hitler card?"

This episode is just as exciting as the "Big Fun Tour" so try not to get arrested while listening....

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Cash and TJ talk about man caves, four floors of whores, double stink eyes, elephant super heroes, insecure sombreros, lefty prejudice, old apartments, and ask the question "Is it impolite to have sex with your wife when she's in a coma?"

This episode was recorded on a CB Radio at a Renaissance Pleasure faire, listen while you convoy.......
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Cash and T.J discuss night frights, cat attacks, "bro's before hoes", throwing soup, Shakespeare, mermaid sex, wingman etiquette, webisode braggers, and ask the question, "Who is Pemberton Buttlesticks?"
This episode includes three snaps and a butt slap and it will make you're Tipsy Wipsy feel better..... 
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