Cashing in with T.J. Miller

Cash and TJ discuss The Galactic Wizard, The World Series, great costumes, messages from God, forgetting names, The Regal Beagle, surprise parties, and ask the question, "Why don't TJ's parents ever come to visit?"

This episode has a money back guarantee, just don't try to use it......

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Cash and TJ drop a hot, tasty pod at the LAPodfest.

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Cash and TJ talk about Oscar the Grouch, daddy long legs, heroic deeds, parking lot etiquette, "fuper glue", hide and seek, "pookie hatches", tip jars, and ask the question, "How much time has to pass before we call them the Backstreet Men?"

This may be the best episode so far, listen while doing a "Full Body Ingestion"....  

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Cash and TJ talk about the Nerdist barricade, apologetic apologies, Rock vs Roll, alien abduction, skinny whales, relationship guidelines, job imposters, lifesaving techniques, voodoo dolls, and ask the question "What is Rule #2?"

For an optimal viewing experience watch this episode while eating pistachios and Orville Reddenbacher popcorn…..

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