Cashing in with T.J. Miller

Cash and TJ talk about Epicureans, Rumpelstilskin, Jean-Paul Sartre's No Exit , windless sailing, naval fetishes, box sets, monkey bars vs teeter totters, staycations, pine tar, bad puns, and ask the question, "Is "getting dizzy" a gateway drug for kids?"

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Cash and TJ talk about eternal life, surprise parties, meditation meet ups, sexy Santa hats, tree negligence, ferret stand-ins, tiny honey sticks, ribbed condoms, detached retinas, Greek vacations, moped shortages, and ask the question, "How would you describe TJ in two words?"


Listen to this historic trilogy on a yoga mat, it will re-affirm your belief in cliffhangers….

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Cash and T.J. talk about Batman, The Beatles, Duke Ellington, sick astronauts, lemon water, boob pants, humble opinions, movies vs. books, butt tattoos, and map rooms, and ask the question, "Can you trust people who don't eat chocolate or drink coffee?"


Set your clocks back a day and listen to this one in a 24 hour loop, it's like an extra dry undercarriage on a hot summer day…..

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Cash and TJ talk about New Years resolutions, vetriliquest dummies, In-laws, animal cruelty, road rage, Hellraiser, Vin Diesel, Carrot Top, horse driven bicycles, fanny packs  and ask the question, "When will we see "Cashing In, The Movie?"

Listen to this episode at the gym, right before your love turns to hate…

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