Cashing in with T.J. Miller
Slide Show Conspiracy

Cash and TJ talk about binge kissing, killer abs, bolo ties, pony tails, belly buttons, lint traps, moon hoaxes, breakups, sun dials, Jason Statham, Gorky Park, ladleholics, pubic braids, "Breaking Away", and ask the question: "Bees?"


Listen to this episode at the bottom of a quarry, it's worth more then a few "Sand Benjamins"…..

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Cash and TJ talk about Epicureans, spiritual healers, soft pillowy heads, Bonobo chimps, shamans, flab nabbing hat grabbers, hypochondriacs, "House of Cards", the sacred and profane, divining rods, sex records, Cukes vs Cumbers and ask the question, "Can you trust a man who wears a bear pelt?"


Let yourself get horn-swaggled into listening to this one, it will make your home a house...

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Pinball Totem Tank- Part 1

Cash and TJ talk about fashion breakthroughs,  Point Break, carnival rides, blanket forts, wind chimes, Washington DC, bad whistling, Police Academy movies, lay nets, beer pong, baby monsters, defending your dignity and ask the question, "What is a Rachel epitaph?"


This episode will cure loneliness and physical manifestations, open it up with a new set of chime keys...

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The Worst of Cashing in With TJ Miller EP. 11-15


Listeners Steven Scott and Emilio Hernandez compile their least favorite segments from the first season.

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