Cashing in with T.J. Miller
Migrating Pencil

Cash and TJ discuss their 100th episode celebration in Washington DC, donnybrook situations, Candyland, Arbitron ratings, wiffle-ball stadiums, street credibility, adult water wings, breakfast soup, wing tips, shopping cart stunts and ask the question "Is Nick Vatterrot OK?"


This episode will induce a full body release, listen with a few bottles of white-out…

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The Worst of Cashing in with TJ Miller" Episodes 16-20

Listeners Steven Scott and Emilio Hernandez compile their least favorite segments from the first season.

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Guantanamo Dinosaur! Part Deux

Cash and TJ talk about Nietzsche, scuba pants, Benihana, Bees, caricature artists, Custers "Last Stand", imitation crab, air horns, slip and slides, lollipops and ask the question, "Can a person meditate too much?"


Request this hot-n-tasty pod as an extra juicy side dish and then eat around the condor feathers…..

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Guantanamo Dinosaur

Cash and T.J. talk about Triskett Hurlibutton, bank robberies, bulletproof vests, band aids, maple syrup, Kermit the Frog, crystal meth, Silicon Valley, mountain biking, health problems, Old Yeller, Barbara Striesand, drug addictions, favorite vices, and Subway, and ask the question, "Are comedians happy?"


Listen to this episode in a tiny dark room while eating bacon….

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Slide Show Conspiracy 2 - Doritos Poker

Cash and TJ talk about Heaven, Yonderland,, unpredictable friends, virtual farming, Fiat toasters, gazelles, Woody Allen, adultery, self absorption, barf sucking, cinnabuns vs flowers, crumberbuns,  and ask the question, "At what age do you realize life is horrible?"


If you listen to this birdbath conversation in your infancy you'll have ample time to recover….

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