Cashing in with T.J. Miller
Cash and T.J. talk about musicals, the Meisner technique, Goodwill,  Charles Barkley,  flannel pants. Dustin Hoffman, Robert Deniro, Mackey Sasser, Bread, Bette Midler, booing, fame,  humpday, Dwarf Banderstomp, fire hazards, and ask the question,”Why is it always Tuesday at TGI Fridays?”
This episode was fashioned together at Michaels, listen while making a scrapbook….
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Cash and T.J. talk about the split finger fastball, ultrasounds, Howie Mandel, quickfisters, cobras vs mongooses, elephants vs giraffes, Wesley Snipes, horse fellacio, angry cinch jokes, verandas, and ask the question, "Can we make you make a refusal you can't offer?"

Stencil this episode on an oven mitt and then frame it...

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